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Rubberband Racing Select Screens

Finally, another update for Rubberband Racing, the 3D Flash game I am currently developing. The menus, in which you select the car and the track you want to play, are pretty much finished. Have a look at them:

The Car Select Screen

Car Select Screen

The Car Select Screen (Click to enlarge)

This is where you will choose a car from those already available, select a color and view the stats for each vehicle.

The thumbnails on the left side will fill up with more cars over time, as I plan to add more content depending on how often the game is played. The two additional Lilliput thumbnails in the menu are only dummys for testing purposes.

Right after choosing a car, you will be sent to the next screen which is...


Game Design
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Planning The User Interface Flow

Yesterday, I had posted a link to my Facebook page for an early game prototype. People could play the (very) early version of the game and I could see whether the idea is working or not.

First of all, thanks to everybody who took the time to test the game and special thanks to everybody who gave me feedback! I already have a couple of ideas to improve and expand the game.

Satellite Prototype 0.0.6

Not much to see yet... (graphics are not final)

Now, I'm moving on to the next iteration of the game. The next version should come a lot closer to the final product. If everything goes well, this next iteration actually will become the release version. We will see.

The first step I've done is to plan the flow of the user interface the game will be embedded in. The prototype had barely any interface, let alone menus. For the next iteration, I wanted to implement the communication between game and UI early on. Doing this late in the production can give you quite some headaches.

So I sat down with yEd and drew some lines and boxes.

Satellite UI Flow Preview

An excerpt from the UI flow diagram for my next game.

See the full diagram after the break.