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How To Properly Render an X-Ray Silhouette Effect in Away3D

Back in February, I published an article which described how the silhouette/X-ray effect works that is used in some games for concealed objects. In the first half of the article, I described the principle behind the effect, in the second part I described how to implement the effect in Away3D.

This is a follow-up to that article, introducing a more elegant, improved way to implement the effect in Away3D.

Rendered Silhouette (XRay) Effect in Away3D

The method described in the original article involved complicated geometric transformations and sharing the 3D context between several separate View3D objects.

The version shown in this article only requires a single class containing a few methods and a single View3D.


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Rendering Silhouettes for Concealed Objects

If you are creating a 3D game which gameplay requires the player to know the exact position of the character, then you have to think about what to do when the model is behind other objects.

You can either test whether the 3D object is occluded by other objects and then make the objects where this is the case transparent.

Or, you can save yourself the trouble of performing a raycast and use another trick which uses mostly GPU functionality to render an outline for concealed objects. Many games, like Torchlight 2, use this method.

Torchlight 2 Silhouette Effect

Source: Torchlight 2, ©Runic Games, Inc.

I wanted to implement the same mechanic for Rubberband Racing in Away3D, since the new track I've implemented has a lot of objects that can appear in front of the car.


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