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Rubberband Racing: Rhino

From the maker of the Lilliput and the Cheetah, the new all-terrain vehicle that’s sure to bring you home! Max Did It proudly presents, the Rhino!


With the Rhino, more diversity is added to the fleet of vehicles available in Rubberband Racing. After adding a small limousine and a classicly designed sports car, the new car to come to the game is an off-road vehicle.

3D Preview

Below you will find a preview of what the real time model will look like in the game.

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You will need Flash Player 11.2 or upwards to view the 3D preview.

As usual some statistics: The body of the car has been modelled using 1558 triangles.

I have created more geometry this time around to show details like the door handle. The blocky design on the other hand helps to keep the polygon count in the same ball park as for the Lilliput and the Cheetah.


I’ve looked at several off-road vehicles as inspiration for the Rhino, but I guess the Willys MB US Army Jeep is yet the closest to the result.

I have also tried to incorporate the look of an actual rhinoceros head into the design. I have to admit, though, that this is barely noticeable in the final version.

Also, the wheels of the Rhino turned out a little small for an all-terrain vehicle. This and the narrow engine can give off the impression of an old 1920′s car instead of a sturdy off-roader.

On the one hand, creating this car didn’t take as long as the other two specimen, even though I have incorporated more details this time. I have established a rather nice workflow by now and I’m becoming more and more familiar with the tools.

On the other hand, maybe I should invest some time into creating concept artwork for the next model so that the design will come out clearer and more functional.

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