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January 2013 - Max Did It
Max Did It
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Rubberband Racing Select Screens

Finally, another update for Rubberband Racing, the 3D Flash game I am currently developing. The menus, in which you select the car and the track you want to play, are pretty much finished. Have a look at them:

The Car Select Screen

Car Select Screen

The Car Select Screen (Click to enlarge)

This is where you will choose a car from those already available, select a color and view the stats for each vehicle.

The thumbnails on the left side will fill up with more cars over time, as I plan to add more content depending on how often the game is played. The two additional Lilliput thumbnails in the menu are only dummys for testing purposes.

Right after choosing a car, you will be sent to the next screen which is...


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How I Designed The Rubberband Racing Logo

This is a quick description on how I designed the logo for Rubberband Racing.

Rubberband Racing Logo Title

Similar to the post where I describe the process of creating the Max Did It logo, this article is going to show the iterations this logo went through.


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Rubberband Racing: Lilliput MK86

This is the first car you will be able to drive in Rubberband Racing! I have dubbed this design the "Lilliput". Since it sounds more professional if you add some arbitrary numbers and letters, it's full name became "Lilliput MK86".

Lilliput MK86 Front

Your first picks in the game's lineup of cars won't have that many horsepowers yet, I'm saving the the hot rods for later updates. Don't underestimate it, though, you will be able to set up some decent track records with it.

3D Preview

Below you will find a preview of how the real time model will look like in the game.

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New Project: Rubberband Racing

The start of the new year brings the start of a new project. Rubberband Racing will be the next Flash game I release.

Rubberband Racer Logo

Find the first few details about the game after the break.


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