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Satellite Released - Max Did It
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Satellite Released

Satellite, my first Flash game I produced as an independent developer, has been launched. It is now available on this website to play:

Play Satellite

I will post Satellite to several Flash game portals over the course of the day.


While I have started little projects and prototypes for my ideas before, this is the first time I finished developing a game on my own. So, just getting the game done and publishing it already feels like a success.

Beyond that, I think the game came out nicely. I managed to implement 3D graphics with Away3D, I have successfully used the Nape physics engine for the first time and I have been able to implement a couple of things that should be helpful for the next game projects.

Having said that, I am aware that there are a couple of things in the game that I could have polished more. None of them break the game, in my opinion, but they probably would have made the game feel more rounded.

Still, I decided to release Satellite now, since I didn’t want to invest more time into what is essentially a casual Flash game. I plan to improve with every game I make and I think the next games will be even more refined.

About Revenue

I am looking forward to see how much revenue I will be able to generate with this game. This is an important moment for me since I will gather my first first-hand experiences with this business model.

I had originally planned on using Google Adsense for Games to monetize the game. I had already implemented the test ads and submitted Satellite to Google for review.

Google states that it takes them around 3-6 days (24-48 business hours) to review a game and provide feedback. I have waited longer than that and haven’t heard anything from them yet. That is also the reason why I haven’t released Satellite a week earlier.

I can’t say whether the reason for that lies with me or them, but I have decided to switch the ad provider to MochiMedia. So far, the Mochi Ad API seems to work fine and the game has been reviewed and cleared within two days.

I hope people will react positively to Satellite and, above all, have fun playing it. Spread the word!


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I like the in-game graphics, especially the "level complete" screen is quite hard to read though. And submitting highscores doesn't work yet.


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Max Knoblich
Max Knoblich

Submitting highscores should be fixed. :-) What would you change about the text on the screens?

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Well if I click on the submit button after typing in a nickname nothing seems to happen - should some highscore list open afterwards? Other than that, nice game!


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