The firetype library is listed on this page for historical reasons. While I am currently working as an illustrator and character designer, I have also done some projects as a developer in the past. One of the technologies I worked with was Actionscript and the Flash Player.

firetype is an Open Source Actionscript 3 library I programmed. It parses OpenType fonts, converts the contained vector glyphs into polygon shapes and renders them using Stage3D via the GPU.

The steps taken by the firetype Actionscript library to render letters using the GPU
The steps taken by the library to render letters on the GPU in the Flash Player.

I am still very happy with the architecture and the capabilities of the library. It was possible to:

The library was featured on several prominent websites like the wiki of the Starling framework, Flash Daily and AS3 Game Gears. Despite that, to my knowledge, it never saw widespread use.

Nevertheless, the code is still available on GitHub:

firetype repository on GitHub

Now, come for the code, stay for the pretty pictures. Since you’re here anyways, why not check out my artworks?

Latest Artworks

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What you can learn about color composition from old coat of arms

Die Wappen der Stände des Heiligen Römischen Reichs 1510

On of the roles of the composition of an image is to depict the most important elements of the picture in a clear, recognizable manner. For color pictures, not only the placement of the elements is playing a central role, but the color composition as well.

An obvious method is to separate diffrent elements or layers within the image like foreground and background by different color saturations of a difference in lightness.

There are many approaches for setting up a color composition. To acquire some helpful rules of thumb, it can be useful to look at some of the oldest works of visual design in history: Coat of arms and flags.