Urban Odin

The norse god Odin often put on a disguse to walk among humans in order to gather information. The motif of the grey wanderer can be found in the character of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings as well.

Maybe Odin is using that method to visit the mortals to this very day? The ravens Huginn and Muninn are appearing here in the form of pigeons, the wolfs geri and freki accompany the one-eyed god as Huskies.

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Wimmelpicture as Eyecatcher

Max Did It Wimmelbild Schritt 1

This is a look behind the scenes for the creation of the wimmelpicture on my home page.

Visitors of my website should understand at first sight that I'm all about drawings and illustrations. I also want to convey what I am capable of achieving in that area. For these reasons one of the first elements that is visible on the home page is a picture with 92 distinct drawn characters. In the center of it is my logo, which I'm just finishing to draw.