The Gatekeeper

An illustration depicting the concept of gatekeeping.

It’s not unusual to be confronted with people who are trying to acquire ownership of a topic, a subculture or a craft and then attempt to decide who is worthy of getting access to it and who isn’t.

Aside from that, the term of the “threshold guardian” has an important role in storytelling as well.

I think that the striking pose of the guardian works well for the depicted concept.

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What you can learn about color composition from old coat of arms

Die Wappen der Stände des Heiligen Römischen Reichs 1510

On of the roles of the composition of an image is to depict the most important elements of the picture in a clear, recognizable manner. For color pictures, not only the placement of the elements is playing a central role, but the color composition as well.

An obvious method is to separate diffrent elements or layers within the image like foreground and background by different color saturations of a difference in lightness.

There are many approaches for setting up a color composition. To acquire some helpful rules of thumb, it can be useful to look at some of the oldest works of visual design in history: Coat of arms and flags.