President Dromp

Orange skin, misogynistic views and completely focused on shady business deals. It is almost scary how many character traits Donald Trump and the Ferengi from Star Trek share.

Imagining how Captain Picard would deal with a President “Dromp” is amusing and depressing at the same time.

Fans of the franchise may point out that the Ferengi aren’t even members of the Federation, but there don’t seem to be many rules that apply to orange colored heads of government.

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Wimmelpicture as Eyecatcher

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This is a look behind the scenes for the creation of the wimmelpicture on my home page.

Visitors of my website should understand at first sight that I'm all about drawings and illustrations. I also want to convey what I am capable of achieving in that area. For these reasons one of the first elements that is visible on the home page is a picture with 92 distinct drawn characters. In the center of it is my logo, which I'm just finishing to draw.