Mack the Knife’s Buddy

It’s tradition for harbours to be the natural habitat of rather shady characters.

Making a shark bipedal and handing him an anchor as a club is the kind of freedom when combining ideas that never stops to impress me in other comic artists and which I am trying to emulate.

Take note of the big shark tooth serving as a belt buckle.

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Wimmelpicture as Eyecatcher

Max Did It Wimmelbild Schritt 1

This is a look behind the scenes for the creation of the wimmelpicture on my home page.

Visitors of my website should understand at first sight that I'm all about drawings and illustrations. I also want to convey what I am capable of achieving in that area. For these reasons one of the first elements that is visible on the home page is a picture with 92 distinct drawn characters. In the center of it is my logo, which I'm just finishing to draw.