Kagemni, ein Design für einen Dungeons & Dragons Character

Kagemni is a character who’s looks I’ve designed for a round of Dungeons & Dragons. The properties and the background of the character come from the game itself, however: in this D&D campaign I’m playing with friends all aspects of the player characters are randomly generated. This way, a lot of interesting combinations surface, some of which you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

It is remarkable how some random set pieces will almost always form a character that makes sense. The player needs to invest only a little imagination to connect the details given to him by the mechanic to a coherent result. The result of this method is Kagemni. She is a magician who moonlights as an archeologist and is feeling right at home in old ruins and dig sites. She posesses the ability to magically move on walls and ceilings. This spell has already saved her skin in more than one treasure chamber.

Due to her occupation, I’ve decided to shorten the long robes that magicians usually wear for her. This way it will hopefully be believable for her to nimbly move through old ruins similar to Indiana Jones.

More of my character designs can be found in the respective gallery on this site.

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