Fishing for engagement

When using social media, you usually are aiming to encourage generous engagement with your posts and pictures. Not least because you want to introduce yourself to an audience that might not yet be familiar with you. The more a post is liked or shared, the more visible it becomes. This is especially important if you use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook not only to keep in touch with your circle of acquaintances. If you use social media as part of your strategy to reach potential customers, then your reach is a deciding factor.

How to create this reach is anything but an exact science. There are many tips and tactics that are supposed to help with encouraging users to more engagement on the respective platforms. Many blogs and tutorials concern themselves with how to choose the proper hashtags or gaining “power likes”. Whether these methods actually have any effect is usually difficult to predict.

In the end, anybody who wants to stand out from the ambient noise of the internet needs mostly patience and a little luck. Similar to fishing, it may be possible to create favourable conditions. Whether you are successful is depending on many factors outside of your influence, however. So it is all the more important to be persistent and to be able to kick back every now and then until the big one bites.

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