Concert Poster Muhfasa Clochard

Konzertposter für den Auftritt der Rockband Muhfasa im Clochard

This is the second concert poster that I designed for the Hamburg rock band Muhfasa. The band, in which I’m playing the bass guitar, secured a gig for early February 2020. The concert would be played in the pub “Der Clochard“, which is situated in Hamburgs famous party- and red-light-district. In order to appropriately announce the show in this well-known location at the Reeperbahn, I decided to draw a sequel to our first poster for our gig in the Astra Stube.

The Clochard takes pride in being the “pub on the Reeperbahn with the lowest prices” and is a gathering place for punks and rock fans. The place definitely earned itself the label “authentic”. You might get the impresion that the furnite is held together by the hundreds of stickers which have accumulated over time.

There is no stage in the classical sense. Instead, the punk and rock concerts that are taking place here regularly are handled in a very straightforward way: The foosball table is moved to the side, so that the band can play on eye level with the audience. The pub definitely was an appropriate home for the messy grunge sound of Muhfasa.

Designing the poster

The Clochard already set the tone for the concert poster with its name. “Clochard” is french for “beggar, vagabond”, so it was an obvious choice to have our mascot Muhfasa make an appearence as a drifter.

I didn’t want to write the conert dates separately on the poster. Instead, I wanted to have them appear as diegetic elements in the scene itself. Due to this, the focus of the picture would be on the paper sign in front of Mufhasa.

To sound out whether the rest of the band was on board with the idea as well, I first created a sketch. On this first line art version all elements of the design would be present already.

Sketch for the concert poster for the Mufhasa gig in the pub Clochard in Hamburg.

After my bandmates gave their approval, I started to fully render the picture with my graphics tablet. Similar to the first poster, this illustration was to be kept in black and white as well. The look fits the band well and it is easier to print in good quality. The prettiest concert poster is of no use if you have no means to reproduce it.

I made an effort to make sure that the sign is the brightest object on the picture. Even the white spots in Muhfasas fur are darker than the background of the concert dates. In this way the eye is automatically drawn to the most important information.

Additionally, I worked with textures a lot to create convincingly rough and dirty surfaces.

The Result

The concert poster was finished about a month before the show. This way there was enough time to print it and have it fulfill it’s purpose in the Clochard.

Muhfasas concert poster on the wall of the pub Clochard

Source: Muhfasa

The rough artwork blended nicely with its surroundings. Thus, it played its part in making the concert a success. The multiple encores that we played on that evening seem to be a good sign.

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