Concert Poster Muhfasa Astra Stube

Konzertposter für den Auftritt der Band Muhfasa in der Hamburger Astrastube

This is a concert poster for the rock band Muhfasa, in which I’m playing the bass guitar. The poster is advertising our gig in the Hamburg event location Astra Stube, in which we played on stage in 2019.

On the illustration you see our mascot “Muhfasa”, a (male?) cow with a lion’s mane. The original design of the character was done by our guitarist Angel Bravo and is based on a pun that would be translated into English as “moofasa”. On the poster, Muhfasa is currently busy admiring himself in a bathroom mirror in a bar. His biceps is showing the band logo and the date for our performance.

Originally the artwork was supposed to be done in color. At first, the black-and-white version was only meant to be a preliminary sketch for the actual image. However, the band liked the look so much that we kept the style. To be fair, there is not that much of a difference when depicting Holstein cattle. A monochrome concert poster is also easier to print in acceptable quality.

The Astra Stube in Hamburg, showing the Muhfasa concert poster
Source: Muhfasa

In the end, the poster was shown in the Astra Stube as planned and was even used for other occurences as well.

Maybe your band is looking for someone who can design them a band mascot or concert poster. Feel free to look into my other artworks in the categories illustration or character design to get an impression of my style.

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